Why A Linen Hire Is Better Than Handling the Task Yourself

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Most hotels do not own their towels and bed linens. Instead, they hire the towels and linens from a specialist company who operates a laundry service. Not only is a linen hire utilised for bedroom linens, but it can also be hired for hotel restaurants and outside eateries.

Linen hire firms can offer commercial-grade linen products that include a range of categories. Any linen hire that is worth its weight will provide a variety of linens, including white duvet covers and high-quality towels. Regular cotton bed linens or percale are also a part of the offering. These are the main items available from a laundry hire business:

  • Bed sheets
  • Duvet covers
  • Pillowcases
  • Bath mats
  • Towels
  • Tablecloths
  • Napkins

How Linen Hire Works

Linen hire firms typically work by offering a hotel, for example, several sets of linens for each bed – all of which are delivered. The number of sets that are offered are called a par. The par can differ based on the amount of time the hotel staff will be changing a bed in a week. However, the par is typically established between three and five. After the beds are changed, a linen hire in Cardiff, for example, will pick up the soiled laundry, which has been bagged for collection.

The laundry hire will then wash the dirty linen and redeliver the product the next time they return to collect more used linens. The frequency of delivery varies from one hotel to the next, but is typically based on the activity level of the business.

Staying Well-Stocked

The delivery and par frequency are then combined to ensure that a hotel always stays well-stocked with clean linens for its guests. Therefore, the advantages of a linen hire are numerous. Not only does the manager avoid tying up cash in linen costs, but they will also have more flexibility when they need to change the profile of stocks while changing the beds. As a result, when it comes to customer satisfaction, a linen hire proves to be a cost-effective enterprise. Whilst the linen is reused, it is never allowed to degenerate to the point that people will take notice.

When you choose to hire a linen service, you can be assured that the linen itself will be a commercial grade or high-quality. There may be some disadvantages, but they are insignificant when you look at the benefits of hiring a linen service. Whether you need one for your restaurant or for your hotel, it is a way to please the customer and maintain a stock of high-quality linens.

If you own a seasonal business, then a linen hire may be expensive. In this case, you may have to choose to buy the linen and negotiate a price for keeping it clean. Remember, the laundry hire company does not have an investment in the linen itself, so its price should be reduced for a linen hire service. If your business meets the minimum use criteria, then a linen hire can be a great way to supply your customers’ needs.