Worldwide Unique Types of Satay in Indonesia

Culinary is also one of the best qualities owned by Indonesia, not only its natural attractions. One of the Indonesian dishes known worldwide is satay or locally known as sate. Although initially, many tourists were confused and asked, what is satay?

However, it turns out that the taste satisfied many foreign tourists making satay has always been a favourite food for tourists from various countries. Sate is a signature Indonesian food that is processed by cutting the meat into small pieces, skewered, grilled, then served with peanut sauce. 

Types of Sate in Indonesia and the Uniqueness of Each

Several regions in Indonesia have their own special types of satay, with different creations and delicacies. Here are types of satay from some areas in Indonesia that are pretty popular: 

1. Sate Madura

The most famous satay in Indonesia is Sate Madura, also favoured by tourists from abroad. Like usual, this satay is made of chicken or goat meat, then add soy sauce before grilling them.

After that, cover it with peanut sauce, a sauce that tastes amazingly delicious. Generally, goat satay will be served with sliced ​​shallots, soy sauce, chili, and rice cake. 

2. Sate Taichan

Another choice of satay that is typical in Indonesia is Sate Taichan, which is also quite viral among young people in Indonesia. This satay is made from processed chicken meat, grilled or fried without any spices, peanuts, or soy sauce.

Then served with salt, chili sauce, and lime juice. Sate Taichan is usually a combination of chicken meat with chicken skin. Even though it doesn’t use peanut sauce, it tastes just as good as usual. 

3. Sate Padang

Another type of unique satay in Indonesia comes from the city of Padang, namely Sate Padang. Sate Padang is an Indonesian cuisine famous for its distinctive presentation and taste.

This satay is an Indonesian dish from Padang, West Sumatra, with a way of processing that does not use soy sauce.

Sate Padang is only served with peanut sauce, a combination of turmeric, coriander, rice flour, and other spices. Sate Padang is usually made of beef, such as the tongue and other parts of cows. 

4. Sate Maranggi

Another satay that is also famous in Indonesia is Sate Maranggi, which is a type of satay from Purwakarta, West Java. Before burning, the meat will be soaked first in spices, sweet soy sauce, and vinegar.

After that, it is burned and served without sauce or peanut sauce because the previous seasoning has been absorbed. Sate Maranggi has also become one of the culinary icons in Indonesia set by the Indonesian Ministry of Tourism and Creative Economy. 

So, what are you waiting for? Now, you can try various satays from some regions in Indonesia with a distinctive taste.