What Are the Benefits of a Mixed-Use Community ?

The term mixed-use neighborhoods have been used quite a bit lately, and it is helpful if you understand the term and why it is beneficial to live in a community like this. When you are looking at new homes for sale with Legacy Homes, you should consider a mixed-use community. There are a great many benefits to you including you the fact that you live, work, and play all in the same area. This gives you the flexibility of having everything you need in one place. The options are endless. You have the potential to walk or ride your bike to work. You may even be able to live directly above or below the area in which you work. When you have little or no commute, you can use that time to dedicate to the things you really want to spend time doing, like being with your family or a hobby you enjoy. This also gives you the chance to shop for groceries during your lunch or run any errands you wish for any large number of businesses. You have more control over your time this way.

You can minimize the carbon footprint. Neighborhoods like those with Legacy Homes in Huntsville, AL are compact and take up less space. This opens up new businesses to people that are much more accessible to people in ways that they were never before. In the past, people had to get in their cars to go wherever they wanted. Now, they can just walk there. This means you spend less money on gas and car maintenance. This helps to reduce the emissions into the air and reduce the carbon footprint. This type of community benefits from public transportation. New businesses such as bike-sharing and car-sharing may crop up. This also includes the expansion of new businesses for food trucks, office sharing, and delivery services. While people are reducing their reliance on cars, they are walking and biking more, which helps to improve their overall fitness.

Residents of these types of communities are able to connect with each other and businesses. Legacy Homes residents are able to find out about their neighborhood, their neighbors, and the community around them. It is easy to announce events in Huntsville like concerts or other engagements that might be last minute because people are always out and about in the community. These developments create a feeling of togetherness and community. In these types of communities, many of the businesses are small businesses. In addition to helping your direct community, you are helping a small business. You are helping the local community thrive.

People in Legacy Homes communities do not feel isolated because there is always somewhere to go. You can pop into the local coffee shop for a cup of java and a conversation. There is always someone with whom to interact. This community encourages people to get out of their houses and interact with others. There is usually less crime in these types of communities. Everyone knows what is happening throughout Huntsville and surrounding communities, making it hard for crime to flourish.