Water Rafting Safety Tips

Are you looking for a new activity to do this summer other than the usual swimming trip at the lake or picnic at the park? If so, why not try water rafting? It’s fun, it’s exciting, and it’s refreshingly perfect for the summer.

As with any other type of activity in the outdoors, however, safety remains to be the primary concern of all. So be sure to check out these water rafting safety tips before you go ahead and book that rafting trip with companies like Lazy Day Raft Rentals (https://www.lazydayraftrentals.com/).

Wear the Proper Gear

As this is a water activity, you need to wear the proper attire that’s both comfortable and functional. It’s ideal to wear a proper wetsuit so you don’t get cold as well, since you’ll be exposed to both water and wind as you sit atop the raft.

Leave your slippers onshore; wear water shoes instead. They should be able to help keep your feet warm and safe from unwanted scratches or bruises as you make your way down rocky river beds, for example.

Most importantly, always make sure you’re wearing the correct protective gear. Never go out to raft without wearing a proper helmet. Then, you should pair this up with a life vest as well. Your raft rental company should be able to provide you with this safety equipment, so don’t worry about buying your own, unless of course, you’re going to take this activity seriously as a hobby, and as such would want to invest in it.

Mind Your Form

You always have to be alert and on guard when you’re on the raft. Before you set out for your water adventure, your guide will show you how to properly hold the paddle, steer the raft with it, and prevent your raft from toppling over in case of rough waters.

To ensure strong control over the paddle, one hand should be gripping the base of the paddle, just over the handle, while the other hand should be on the other end of the handle, just over the “T” grip. This should give you a comfortable enough position while also maintaining control over the paddle.

Keep a firm grip on it, and remember to hold it properly, not only for a better rafting experience but also to prevent injuries, or any unwanted aches and pains.

Don’t Drink and Raft

Sure, you’re on a camping trip to have fun. But as with any other activity that entails you being in control of navigating something, it’s never a good idea to get alcohol into the mix. This impairs your judgment, and so could compromise your and the rest of your group’s safety.

Listen to Your Guide

Unless you’re a pro at water rafting yourself, you would do well to listen to your guide. They know the river, the activity of the waters, and how you can practice safety while at the same time being able to enjoy it to the fullest.