Types of luxury yachts you can charter

Adventuress Luxury Catamaran is a luxury yacht firm that specializes in offering the best private yachts to destinations along the California coast. You need to know what every charter yacht offers before deciding because it will shape the experience you will have. Below are the types of yacht options you can choose.

Types of luxury yachts you can charter

Motor Yachts

Motor yachts are what many people consider when they envision hiring a charter yacht. In reality, it is the most famous and abundant style of boat for a private yacht charter. The motorboats are normally larger than sail yachts, making them ideal if you wish to rent a luxurious yacht for a gathering, including a corporate event or birthday party.

The motor yacht provided by the Adventuress will come with advanced sound systems that make them ideal for your celebration if you plan to hire a DJ or band. The captain can drive the yacht at high speeds, providing the incredible experience that you deserve. Further, the yachts are equipped with various water toys, including paddleboards, inflatables, and jet skis to enhance your yachting experience.

Catamaran yachts

If you want to have a yacht charter for a family gathering or vacation and love to get close to the coastline, a catamaran yacht can be the best option. It is a type of sail yacht with two hulls and has more space than a motor-sail yacht. Since they have extra space, it implies that such charter yachts have extensive sundecks for sunbathing. If you wish, you can rent a catamaran yacht with trampolines and other entertainment facilities.

Sailing yachts

A sailing yacht will make a tranquil journey and provide an idyllic experience. Such a yacht will depend on wind power to move through the water, enabling you to enjoy a relaxed and quiet trip. A sailing yacht can be an ideal charter yacht for an intimate gathering or a romantic getaway. Further, if you add a crew, you can have a luxurious yachting experience.


It is a large and luxurious yacht that comes with a professional crew. The yacht will have first-class amenities. The yacht can be ideal for people who want to have a five-star service and an exclusive experience. For instance, if you rent a luxury yacht for a celebratory dinner or intimate wedding, a mega yacht can be the best option. The yacht charter crew can handle all your needs, including cooking a customized menu and providing aesthetician and massage services.

Charter options that you might love

Coastal excursions

You can hire a luxury charter of your choice to help you explore the dramatic and magnificent stretch of the California coastline. For instance, you can sail from Point Loma along the rugged Southern California cliffs, Mission Bay, Sunset Cliffs, and Ocean Beach. While on your coastal excursions, you will:

  • Watch several dolphins, whales, and other animals play and frolic in coastal waters
  • See the historic Belmont Park Roller Coaster situated at Mission Beach
  • Watch surfers at famous surf spots
  • View the beautiful homes along the ridgeline of Sunset Cliffs
  • View the new and old lighthouses at San Diego Bay

Yacht weddings

Adventuress Luxury Catamaran offers you an opportunity to enjoy the romance of a relaxed and elegant wedding by boarding a luxury yacht. In most cases, you can access a luxury catamaran yacht that is exclusively available for private charter and can accommodate a maximum of 48 guests. The crew and captain of the private yacht are dedicated to offering high-quality services and will assist in ensuring that you can have a memorable wedding. You can decide to take advantage of the wedding packages provided by Adventuress or charter the yacht for a few hours.

Parties and special events

You can hire the Adventuress luxury for special events, including Bachelorette, military promotions, holiday parties, film and television production, family reunions, birthdays, graduations, and cocktails. You can also indulge in gourmet cuisine, exhilarating water, and luxurious comfort by hiring a honeymoon yacht charter.

If you want to explore the California coastline with a yacht charter, the Adventuress Luxury Catamaran can help navigate you through the available choices. Interestingly, the company has brokers who travel extensively to look for the most captivating destination for the luxury yacht charter. In that way, they can offer you expert recommendations to enable you to have memorable experiences.