Traditional Real Estate Marketing

Traditional real estate marketing, such as real estate postcard marketing still produces results. These marketing strategies, including hosting open houses, providing swag, cold calling, gaining referrals, attending networking events, knocking on doors and conducting surveys still produce valuable leads.

Traditional Real Estate Marketing

Open House

Consider hosting open houses every weekend. You will show that you work hard for your clients, learn about market trends and gain leads through sign-in sheets. During this face-to-face exposure, you will have opportunities to share your market knowledge and may even connect other clients with potential buyers.


Gear up in your real estate polos, t-shirts, tote bags and caps. In addition, consider developing refrigerator magnets and market analyses or custom books for neighborhoods and properties.

Cold Calls

Because you are calling foreclosure, expired and for-sale-by-owner listings as well as potential buyers and sellers, consider producing or adopting a script for each type of call, but adapt them slightly for each call so you don’t sound scripted. Also, be open to conversation, not just sales pitches.

Solidify your knowledge about the local market, including property values and neighborhood demographics. Gain more knowledge than you may need so you are able to answer all your clients’ questions.


Seek referrals from your friends and family as well as your network and professional service providers. Former clients also provide excellent references

Networking Events

Attend non-real estate professional networking events, but focus on developing new friendships not selling.

Neighborhood Canvasing

If you are going to canvas neighborhoods, consider bringing a dog to soften your reception. In addition, give gifts, such as market analyses, without requesting anything in return.


Conduct surveys when you complete a transaction with a client. Ask about their satisfaction and what you could do better. You want to know how they found you and if they would refer you to a friend.

During this time of technological advancement and digital marketing, it is easy to forget the marketing strategies that were used in the past. Consider adopting some of these strategies, including open houses, swag, calls, referrals, networking, canvasing neighborhoods and conducting surveys.