Top Selling Renault Cars in India

Renault S.A. was established in 1899. This French car manufacturing company had launched a sedan – Logan – in India in a joint venture with Mahindra in 2007. The company later returned to India with a luxury sedan Fluence in May 2011.

The Pulse is a 5 seater small car from Renault. This car has the same underpinnings as the Nissan Micra. Launched in 2012, the Pulse did not do well. Renault Koleos, a compact SUV manufactured by Renault Samsung motors, a subsidiary of Renault, had earlier come out in 2011. Renault came up with a new model – the Scala – in September 2012. All these cars found it hard to compete with the other cars in the Indian auto market.

But Renault were quietly getting ready with a weapon – the Renault Duster. Renault’s fourth model in India, the Duster, was launched in 2012. With its SUV looks, competitive prices, excellent ride, frugal diesel engine, excellent space, and good build quality, the Duster was met with a huge response. Having loaded with most of the must-haves for those looking to buy an SUV, the Renault Duster was a successful hit.


The Duster is the top selling car for Renault. The sale figure of the Duster has always touched the four-figure mark every month. In April 2014, statistics revealed that around 4494 Duster cars were sold in India.

The squarish head lamps, wide arches on the wheels and metal roof rails add to the aggressive look. The 205 mm of ground clearance and the shorter wheelbase ensures a smooth ride on the unpredictable Indian roads. The beige coloured interior gels well with the leather seats. There is plenty of leg space and head room. The other add-ons include an instrument panel, well-finished metallic door handles, chrome gear knob finish, glossy grey front finish and the charcoal grey floor finish.

On offer are three options of engines – the 102.5 bhp petrol engine and two variants of diesel, the 84 bhp engine and the 110 bhp engine.

Renault India had reached an important milestone by successfully selling one lakh units of its popular Duster SUV in less than two years. To celebrate this, it has launched a ‘One Lakh Limited Edition Duster’. It has also bagged many awards and accolades for the company. The Duster was awarded ‘Indian Car of the year 2012’ (ICOTY).

Renault has also introduced a Renault Duster Facelift at the 2014 Indian Auto Expo, which was first unveiled at the Frankfurt Motor Show 2013. This vehicle was developed and designed by Renault’s Romanian subsidiary, Dacia, and will hit the Indian roads soon. The new Renault Duster comes with quite some cosmetic upgrades targeted at the buyers in the growing crossover segment.

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