Top 3 things to consider for Car Camping

Some love the romance of camping like a nomad, but most folks prefer a degree of comfort. Car camping provides the perfect balance between roughing it out solo and filling the RV with half of the garage. Because you are taking only what can fit in your vehicle, you have to consider carefully what to include. While a tent, a sleeping bag or an outdoor chair are common selections, there are other items you may want to consider for your next trip.

A Ground Cover

A plastic tarp provides the easiest way to provide a ground cover for your tent. Don’t underestimate the practicality of a sheet laid in front of the tent entrance. Take off and leave your shoes there. It will reduce markedly the amount of dirt and little critters that will inevitably make their way into the tent otherwise. Ground cover will also help protect the bottom of your tent from sharp pebbles and other debris.

Zip-close Bags

While there is probably no need to bring the economy-sized box along, having a handful of different-sized zip-close bags can be surprisingly useful. Yes, one can use them for campfire leftovers, but the bags will also stow your keys or wallet in a cheap, water-proof pouch. Wet clothes can be stored in larger-sized bags should no heat be present to dry them out. There are probably a million uses for zip-close bags, but remember to leave none behind when leaving the site.

A Portable Charger

Although most campers are avid to get away from it all, that doesn’t mean that they intend to fully unplug. Since smartphones are often the Swiss Army knife of entertainment even in the absence of a phone signal, ensure that they are charged with a portable electronics charger. Even if the campsite has electricity, it is nicer to quickly charge a phone in the middle of the night from the comfort of your sleeping bag.

Car camping is fun and generally does not require much advance preparation. Be sure to consider these items as well as other car camping essentials when planning for your next trip. You will be glad you did.