Are you looking forward to spending some time on the waters so you can beat the summer heat? Or are you simply trying to explore other outdoor activities that you can share with your family and friends? In that case, you should try renting out a boat and exploring.

There are many things you can do with a boat rental–enjoying it to its full potential would only need a clear objective of what you want to do. If you’ve never rented out a boat from service providers like Balboa Island Boat Rentals, there’s no need to worry, because here are some simple tips you can follow.

Plan the Trip

Whether you’re going solo, as a couple, or with an entire group, it’s best that you make plans about your intended activities in advance. That’s because this will ultimately impact the kind of boat rental you’ll get: how big is it that you’re going to need, how much is the budget for it, and how much time would you need it for, among other things.

Having these decisions ready on-hand when you go to rent a boat is going to help simplify the process, thus saving time for everyone.

Choose the Right Boat

As mentioned above, determining the activities you want to do is crucial to rent a boat. If you’re going solo, and would like to simply set out to fish, then you can get a smaller boat good enough for yourself and your equipment.

Meanwhile, if you’re gearing up for a small party on the waters with your friends, then a pontoon might be the better option for you. Not only can it accommodate up to several people at a time, but it’s also very stylish, adding to the overall ambiance of the experience.

If you’re thinking of hosting a fancier type of party, on the other hand, with a full-sized guest list, then you might want to go for something fancier, like a charter boat or yacht. For this rental, providers usually throw in additional services, such as food catering, set up, and music. Best to check with them first to clarify what’s going to be included in your package.

Beware the Weather

Nothing can dampen a boat party faster than gloomy skies and heavy rain. Not only does it get you all cooped up inside the small cabin (unless you’re in a yacht), it also makes for a very choppy ride on the waters.

Some people get seasick more than others, so if you’re that person, make sure to bring medication for motion sickness. And make sure to get the non-drowse variant so you can stay alert at all times. It’s best to closely monitor the weather in the days leading up to your boating trip, but just the same, better be prepared for any eventuality of changes in the weather.

Check Safety

Have fun, but also be safe. Safety should be your first priority at all times when going on a boating trip, especially if you have companions with you. Make sure that the boat you’re getting has the necessary protective equipment, such as life vests and lifeboats or rafts.

Radio communication should be working well, extra flashlights are on board, and distress signal equipment is available. These are some of the basic things you should take into consideration when renting a boat. Stay safe and have fun!