After celebrating a harvest feast in 1961, Americans and Canadians started celebrating Thanksgiving yearly. It started as a day for celebrating victories of wars fought and won, safe traveling, and food provided throughout the year. Today Thanksgiving is a public holiday and is celebrated on the fourth Thursday in November of each year. It is a time when families and close friends get together to celebrate the blessings of the past year by having a feast. Thanksgiving feasts often include turkey, pumpkin pies, cranberry pies, and a wide array of other delicacies eaten by each family. There are also various activities added to the celebration, such as watching football but seeing that not everyone is a fan of the game, other activities are prepared so that everyone is entertained.

Dessert Recipes

Below is a list of activities that can be done to entertain guests.

Considering your limits

When you invite friends and family over for Thanksgiving, you should consider exactly how many persons your house can accommodate. If children are a part of your celebrations, making accommodations for them is vital, especially if there are plans for adult-only activities. You may have to consider getting a babysitter to facilitate the children, and you can also use the help of families and friends to help in the kitchen. You can use the opportunity to search for dessert recipes and have fun making them.

Celebrating with lights

Most people use Thanksgiving as a chance to start doing decorations for Christmas. This is an opportunity for you to get the children and other family members, hop into your car and go shopping for a Christmas tree; this is a chance to spend a moment with your loved ones.

Make plans on how to decorate your table early.

Early preparations will save time when the day comes, and everything is already packed and prepared. In preparation for Thanksgiving, you can take out everything that you will be using on the day and put them together in a container. Once you are ready to decorate your table, it will not take you long to do. Also, consider doing a trial setting your table, so you will know if anything is missing and fix it; this will be useful when your family starts to come over. You will have more time to spend with them.

Offering a drink on a visitor’s arrival.

Because Thanksgiving is a day of eating and having fun, most people do not eat a lot of food during the day, so they’re hungry when they get to your house. Save yourself the trouble and Supply them with snacks and beverages, which will help keep them out of your kitchen until food preparation is finished and can serve; this is how to entertain guests while occupied.

Playing games

Another great way of entertaining guests during Thanksgiving is to play games. Because football is a game that is associated with Thanksgiving, you can use it as a starter. Some people prefer watching it while others like to play. You can do a survey to find out from your guest who prefers to play and prefers watching. That way, you can know how to prepare. For those who prefer to play, you can set up an area in your backyard or take a trip to the community park and set up a game on your television for those who don’t.

Watching movies

A great way to entertain your guests during Thanksgiving is by watching movies together. Nothing says family and happiness like sitting in your living room with your family and friends around the television watching a great movie.

Going on hayrides

Going on hayrides is another example of how to entertain your guests during Thanksgiving. A hayride is people riding in a wagon filled with hay; this is one of the old traditions of Thanksgiving that is still done today. People normally ride the hay wagon when searching for pumpkins to buy or at a county fair. The wagon filled with people is pulled by a tractor, a horse, or a truck. During these rides, apple cider is offered but is optional; this is a fantastic way to get people out of the house and into the fresh air and spend quality family time together.

Using bounce houses

A bounce house is a plastic structure that is inflatable and comes in the shape of buildings and other funny characters. They are filled with air and used for children as entertainment, especially when the adults are conversing. If there is no plan to get a babysitter to watch the children getting a bounce house, it will definitely keep them occupied. Although bounce houses are originally for children, there are adults who enjoy jumping up and down in them. Make it an enjoyable day by spending some time with the children in the bounce house

Now you are well on your way to figuring out how to entertain guests during Thanksgiving.