Staying Safe While on Vacation: 7 Top Tips


The Roving Vacation

Vacations are all about unwinding and having fun. One thing you don’t want to think about while on vacation is staying safe, but that isn’t an option. Without preparation, your vacation could quickly turn from incredible to dreadful. To make sure that doesn’t happen, use these seven top tips for staying safe while on vacation. 


1: Splurge on an Amazing Hotel Stay

Why not treat yourself to an amazing hotel this year? That way, not only will you enjoy a luxurious stay, but you will also benefit from the extra level of security that comes with excellent accommodation. If you’re planning on celebrating Pesach while on vacation this year, take a look at Leisure Time Tours for Pesach 2022


2: Pack for the Weather 

If you’re used to a colder or a hotter climate, the sudden change in weather and temperature may surprise you. Before you set off, look at the weather forecast and pack accordingly. A winter vacation to somewhere with sub-zero temperatures will require high-quality winter gear


3: Keep Your Items Close  

Thieves often steal from tourists because they are easy targets. Even if you’re in a place deemed relatively safe, keep your items as close as possible. Avoid putting your phone and wallet in an open pocket; instead, ensure it is somewhere close to your body and zipped up. 


4: Stay in Groups  

You are always safer when in a group. Try not to wander off, especially if you are in a country or city that you do not know very well. Stick together, and make sure everyone has their phone on them at all times. Besides, vacations are always more fun with the people you love! 


5: Research the Destination  

It’s unwise to travel to a country or city without researching it first. It helps to know the crime rates and usual dangers before you get there, especially if you have never been before. Plus, during your research, you can make a list of the best beach spots and restaurants. Spontaneity is fun, but sometimes it’s useful to know a great place to visit instead of wandering around for hours. 


6: Keep an Eye on the Weather 

If you don’t know the usual weather in a country, you need to stay alert. You might not get hurricanes where you are from, but where you’re vacationing might. When researching your destination, be sure to look up the weather dangers that take place there. The more prepared you are, the better. 


7: Don’t Forget the Sunscreen  

Last but not least, protect your skin by packing enough sunscreen. Any hot country requires frequent application throughout the day, especially if you plan on hanging out at the beach. Don’t think you’re safe not to wear it in a cold country, though, as the sun reflections from snow can also cause sunburn. Be as protected as you can and pack a large bottle of SPF 30 or above. 


Once you know you’re safe on vacation, you can spend your time relaxing, exploring, and creating memories.