Deciding to move on and sell your home is a big step, and it’s important to understand what factors influence people to buy. How can you prepare your home to add value and potentially get a higher price?


As a first step, you should rid your house of any unnecessary items and declutter. It will clear your home and allow potential buyers to see how much space is available. Too much content in a room will distract buyers and not provide a clear picture of the potential function of the space.

Clear out letters, paperwork, shoes, coats, clothes, and stuff from kitchen worktops, etc. If possible,  clear out anything that identifies the house as yours. New buyers will want to imagine the property with their furniture, photos, and pictures; it’s difficult to do this when it has your unique stamp on it. 


Everyone knows first impressions count. The front of your house should be visually appealing as this is the first part of the house the potential buyer sees. If you have doors or windows that are dated or in bad condition, you could look for a local company such as doors Brierley Hill who specializes in custom-made doors. There are a variety of designs and styles you can choose that will work with the specific design of your house. 

Make sure the front gardens are tidy, and you could add some extra plants and flowers for effect. Clean out guttering and wash windows. Replace anything that’s broken and repaint areas that need updating. 


A big priority for many buyers is choosing a property that is light and spacious. If you suppress the light in your home, it will make the property look dark, dingy, and unappealing.

Ensure you place lamps or up lighters in dark areas, concentrating on the darkest part of the room. When taking photos, try to do each room when the sun is shining through. 

Fresh Smells

There is certain psychology around aroma. Certain smells can stir an emotional response, so it’s a good idea to rid the house of cooking smells and add some fresh aromas using candles, incense, or plug-in air fresheners. Choose citrus flavors such as lemon or orange. They have mood-boosting properties and will improve the overall appeal of the home. 

Neutral Colors 

When preparing your property for sale, you should invest some time repainting interiors in neutral colors. Potential buyers like a blank canvas so they can visualize how they will use the space and make it unique to them. 

To liven up the neutral style, you can add some colorful soft furnishings and well-placed furniture. Don’t overdo it but just enough to show the room potential and highlight unique features. 

Focus on the Best 

When showing people around your home, spend time focusing on the best parts. If you have a particularly large living room with an ornate fireplace, put your best sales hat on and talk about why it’s awesome. The same goes for gardens, kitchens, etc. If you have a garden that’s larger than average, you can suggest ways you can utilize it, such as adding a summerhouse or creating a veggie plot. Getting an idea of what’s important to them will help inform your sales technique. 

The property market is competitive, but with a firm plan and some necessary changes, your house will become someone’s home in no time.