In Norway, many people choose to change electricity contracts based on ever-changing daily prices. While this makes it easier to save money, this type of set up only works if customers choose the energy company with the best daily spot prices. However, this is easier said than done, and can be extremely time-consuming.

Nothing is better for people who want the best deal on their energy bills than outsourcing that service to a trained company. A variety of companies will do the hard work for you, and can help you compare prices on electricity companies. These companies can even change your contract for you, allowing you to save money on energy costs. Below are some of the best companies that can help you save money and time by finding the best electricity companies. 


Slipper is a Norwegian company dedicated to helping people find the best electricity deals. The company was founded by three, young entrepreneurs, including Joakim, Jon, and Viktor. All three young entrepreneurs understood how difficult it could be to find the best electricity bill prices, especially after living independently.

While many people in other countries stick with one energy supplier and set up a long-term contract, people in Norway can stop around for different energy suppliers. Slipper does the hard work for you, and even informs you of when they change your contract. What’s great about Slipper is that they will also issue you a savings bill at the end of each month.

This savings bill shows everything you saved, and also shows the activity of your electricity bill as it moved through the different energy companies. Slipper takes 50% of the savings made, but this still translates into profits and savings for you and your household. Visit website here to find out more about Slipper, and why many people prefer to use their service instead of shopping for electrical companies alone.


Kundkraft is another energy supplier in Stockholm, Sweden, that also helps customers get the best price for their electricity bills. However, unlike Slipper, Kundkraft works by having electricity contractors bid for your contract. An auction is held, where energy companies are free to bid for your yearly energy contract.

The energy company that offers the lowest bid will receive your contract, allowing you to save big and know that you are truly getting the best prices for electrical power. Kundkraft does not provide a slip at the month’s end, but they help you save money every year.

These longer contracts are ideal for people that don’t want to continue to switch contracts, and only want to offer their contract yearly. Kundkraft takes over the power of attorney of your electrical contract, and can trade it on your behalf. They have over 128,000 happy customers who continue to use their service. Visit their website for more about their services and bidding.

If you want to shop for prices on your own, provides an easy-to-use search tool for Danish citizens that want to find the best energy prices around! Their service is specifically geared toward clients that consume power up to 100,000 kilowatt-hours (kWh) per year.

Their search tool is one of the most trusted by citizens, since the prices displayed on their platform are required by law, as well as any products, prices changes, or other relevant issues. In addition, the Danish Supply Authority is behind the site, which gives users the power to shop for reliable prices daily.

In addition, you can search the website for relevant news and updated blog posts about electricity, changing products, and changing trends in power. Visit their website to use their search tool and shop for the lowest Danish electricity prices. 

Save Money With Simple Research

Whether you choose to shop for the best prices for electricity on your own, or want to use the help of a company like Slipper, it’s important to do your research and shop for the lowest electricity prices. Doing so allows you to save money, take back the power of your dollar, and use green energy.