If you want to know how Instagram rank your stories or how your stories get more Instagram views then you have come to the right page. Most of the people think that Instagram stories get more views when people regularly visit your profile but the real factor is different from this thought. Today, we will talk about how Instagram ranks the stories views and how it affects the Instagram feed. Read on to learn more.How Instagram Ranks Who Watched Your Stories

Do you think who watched your stories and how other stories are shown at the top of the viewer list? Instagram is not disclosing the truth that is visiting your profile the most and why some stories are shown at the top on your viewer lists.

• On Instagram, a number of diverse actions can be categories as an interaction such as leave a comment on the posts, viewing the Instagram stories of others and visit the Instagram account of someone.
• When you interact with other Instagram account, the algorithm of Instagram pick up every click on the post and thinks it is important and rank it at the top of the stories viewed list.
• The most you visit any account and view the post, Instagram will place that account at the top of viewer list as you are interacting with these account on regular basis.

How The Images You Like and Stories You view affect Your Instagram Feed

Recently, Instagram revealed how its algorithm works with the aim to help you to see the content from your pals because they are more close to you.

Instagram explained all about its algorithm and revealed about the factors that increase Instagram views, what type of posts do you care about and how they affect your Instagram feed. According to Instagram, there are 3 main factors that determine how it ranks the Instagram stories views i.e. relationship, interest, and timeliness. Instagram also revealed that how

• If you watch the story of your friends, favorite celebrities and influencers then you will see the stories of these accounts on the top of your story feed when you log in to Instagram every day. It means you will see the stories first who are more important to you.

• The other factor is timeliness that means to line up the recent posts and you will not see the old posts even if these posts are from your friend’ account. You‘ll always see the recent posts and it shows that what is a fresh and latest update since your last login to the Instagram app.

• The last factor that could impact Instagram views and its ranking is the relationship or connections. It means that your connection on the parent company of Instagram, Facebook could influence the stories’ viewer list. Moreover, interaction on the social media giant Facebook also affects the overall ranking.